Saturday, August 6, 2016

A New Season

We made it, it's the weekend!

What am I up to today? Let's see...


While I wait for Diablo III to reinstall, how about a blog post! Diablo is one of those old familiar games that is really easy to get back into, and is great for mindlessly murdering massive amounts of pixels at the end of the work day.  For me it's also a very cyclical game, in that I really only log in to play and murder when a new Season rolls around.  The 7th Season began yesterday (today? idk, I should pay more attention) and as such, I'll be creating a new Seasonal character! The seasons give you that 'blank slate' experience that I think honestly a lot of us gamers really like.  You start off fresh, no shared inventory space like the regular Diablo characters, no shared money, nothing.  Fresh start.
My demon hunter, at some point last season
You can level through the story or jump straight into bounties and exploration, which allows you to go all over the map to each Act of the story, complete bounties such as "Kill 100 enemies" or "Kill Certain Named Mob", and I kind of do a mix of both, depending on my mood.  The story can be fun to play through, but is a bit slow-paced and doesn't offer near the experience as the bounties.

*Checks the download* Okay we're at 'playable' so almost there!

While the Demon Hunter class is best for getting all the achievements, I haven't played a Monk in a while, so I think that's who I'll take a spin on this Season.  Now for the super hard part of thinking of a name!!! 

In general, naming my characters in ANY game is the toughest part for me.  For some I might have a name in mind already, but it might be already claimed.  It's kind of fun browsing the 'net for baby names, or for names from a certain place or country or time in the world.  Or even finding the silly name generator sites, which sometimes I find the perfect name, and other times I'm sitting there laughing as I keep asking it for new names.

Diablo is just.. fun.  It can get repetitive though so I usually just pick it up when the Seasons go live, get my achievements, have some fun blowing stuff up with friends, then move on to other games.  

Other plans for the day include the usual weekend activities of cleaning the house, doing laundry, working on a couple cross-stitch projects, and giving oh so much attention to my little fuzzball friend.
Reader, what are your plans?

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