Saturday, August 13, 2016

Stitching and Slaying

What a week it's been for Warcraft, huh?  The pre-expansion patch released on Tuesday, which mainly included the release of demon hunters as a playable class, available to blood elves on the Horde side, and night elves for Alliance.  It also included the Broken Shore content, which if you haven't played through, go do that right now.  I'll wait.

Okay I heard an anguished cry, we're all caught up now.

I am SO looking forward to the direction that the writers are going in.  I mean it's not enough that the Legion is invading our world, but sure yeah let's shake up the leadership of the Horde and Alliance, why not!

Oh, also meet Felyx.  He's my demon hunter, a guildie helped me pick out his name.  Yes, he's named after my cat.

Demon hunters are a fun class to play, the glaives are beautiful to watch in combat, and the abilities are fun and make combat seem streamlined and smooth.  I won't be changing up my main, but this will definitely be a fun alt to play for a while.  The starting experience was amazing to play through, and I can't wait to take a night elf through there as well.  

Also, the INVASIONS were introduced as a big part of the pre-expansion event. Oh my gosh, they are ridiculously fun (and sometimes painful).  They spawn in two zones on a four hour rotation, and once you enter the zone you are put into a zone-wide scenario.  There's an NPC who cheers, or jeers, you on during the four stages of the scenario.  It centers around a main town or questing hub in the zone, sends you out into the zone, and then back for a final battle against a Big Bad Demon.  

There is a special set of armor you can get, which is item level 700, so very good for alts or people who haven't raided to get their armor as strong as possible before all hell breaks loose in a couple weeks.  I have also heard rumors of pets and other things dropping from the chests you receive during and after the scenario, but haven't seen any myself.  There's a vendor who you can purchase fun stuff from with nethershards that you get from doing the Invasions.  

When I haven't been slicing and dicing and dying my way through demons, I've been working on Top Secret cross-stitch projects!  I've talked about it before, but cross-stitching is a hobby I really enjoy.  It's very soothing, to me, and I think it helps with my anxiety and stress.  I  bought a couple patterns off Etsy, and ordered some floss, and have begun a new project!

Hello pretty floss
This embroidery floss is gorgeous, I really like these colors and can't wait to see the finished product!  It's hard to use the floss as it comes, with the two paper closures keeping it from getting ridiculously tangled in transit, so I wind the long strands around plastic bobbins.

It always tangles, but luckily they are fairly easy to unwind as long as you don't let the knots get too tight.  The small stickers with numbers indicate what color floss it is, according to DMC.

All wound and ready to go!

It begins.....

All of the patterns I'm working on for the Secret Project use a single color floss (Okay I lied, there is lettering which uses white floss) so I don't have to worry about switching colors or counting all that much.  The finished stitch will be about 6" x 7", and you probably guessed since there are four colors, there will be four stitches.  I won't be showing a ton of pictures of the WIP, since the recipient of them may read my blog, and I don't want to spoil the surprise ^.^

My plans this weekend include mundane chores such as cleaning the house and doing laundry, but I'll also be dabbling in Diablo, doing more invasion stuff, and working on my secret cross stitch project.

What are your plans?

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