Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Demon Hunting

I'm really good at keeping up schedules, you see.  I was going to do a blog post on every other day of the week, but instead that snooze button is more and more appealing each and every morning, so I roll out of bed with just enough time to inhale a cup of coffee and make myself presentable to the outside world.  I've been planning blog posts in my mind, it's just the sitting down and writing them part that I've been skipping.  OH WELL. Here we go!

This past weekend, like most, my time was spent divided among house chores, gaming, and other projects I'm working on.  With WoW at a standstill (kind of) until the patch that released yesterday, I dove gleefully into Diablo III, Season 7.  

Meet Chani!

Level 1 Monk! So smol. So nekkid.

I decided this year to take a screenshot at every 10 levels, to kind of earmark the leveling, but also just because why not!  I really like the armor and weapons in Diablo, and it's neat to me seeing what 'outfits' you acquire naturally as you equip stronger and better items.


Levels 1-10 I played myself.  I chose to level her via Bounties and Exploration, some Seasons I do a mix, but this year I just committed myself to the insanity (and bonus loot) early!


Belghast and a couple other friends, Grace and Kat, invited me to their group, and the power leveling fun began!


With power leveling, the way it works is pretty simple.  A higher level friend invites you to a party, dials the difficulty up to something you definitely cannot handle on your own, then you find a safe corner to hide in while they run around and kill monsters and you soak up the XP. And when two friends are 60+, another friend is 50+, and you are a tiny wee baby who will die when the monsters look at you... it's entertaining to say the least.

30- nice sword
Did I mention I died a lot? It was fun though.  Chatting with old friends, and a new one, and poking fun at Bel when he also went SPLAT.

40- hello creepy skeleton ghost puppy!

50- Illidan wings? Illidan wings.
Yeah this post is mostly pictures, so sue me! Actually please don't, I don't have a lot of money.  Also that's rude.

60- Idk, gonna smack you with a stick I guess

70- nice hat, dork
Now that we're max level, I'm going to focus on the Seasonal Achievements to get the bonus items, something I have never accomplished in a season before, mostly because my short attention span wavers and I get sucked up into something else.  (Like Demon Hunters and the Broken Isle in WoW, which will be a post for another day) However, that all changes this year! I am gonna do it, dang it!  Mostly because you get a pet and cosmetic item, and let's be realistic, I'm a sucker for in-game pets.  

70.. again? I lost count? I doubled a screenshot? Idk.  TRIDENT.

The new short-term goal for my lovely lady up there is to get her armor all matchy-matchy and pretty, and then begin gearing up so I can tackle the Seasonal Achievements head on! Or weapon-on.  Hands and feet on? Eh, whatever.

Anyone else decimating swaths of demons in Diablo this Season?  What class are you going with?  The same old same, or something new?

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