Friday, August 5, 2016

TGIF: Finally

In some respects, this year has flown by, but suddenly time seems to be crawling by.  There have been quite a few changes in my life the last month or so, a new position at work, which has me way busier, changes in my personal life, and just me kind of coming to the realization of a lot of things about me and the world around me.  Like anyone else, I suppose.  Each day we learn something new, something might become clearer to us, or something we thought we understood is suddenly hazy, or we become unsure about it.  

I haven't had much time for gaming this week, with work being busier I am ending up curled up on the couch reading, or spending my time working on cross-stitches (for those new here(hi!), or those who haven't read my ramblings about that in the past, yeah I cross-stitch, and I really enjoy it).  Today I'm not going to mutter endlessly about stitching small x's onto fabric using strands of colored embroidery floss, maybe tomorrow, but I'm going to talk about World of Warcraft.

I had instated a "State of the Game" idea a few months ago on this blog, and today is kind of going to be that, for WoW.

Legion, the next and highly anticipated expansion, goes live at the end of this month.  The pre-patch, with some new content and the changes to our classes and some quality of life improvements, went live a couple weeks ago.  I've had a little time to play and get more acclimated to the changes to my main character, and have tried to spend a little time on my army of alts to reacquaint myself with them and how they work.  Byx, an enhancement shaman, still plays pretty much the same as she did before the patch, and I actually really like the changes they made to that class and spec.  I like the new buffs we have to keep track of, and while I will miss my totems, it's one less button to worry about and I think I'll get used to it in the long run.  Plus it gives me the opportunity to play around with my addons, and maybe even change up my UI before the demon army invades and we all die.  I mean uh, not die, nope, we're gonna fite 'em. 

I'm less concerned than I was with leveling ALL my alts, my main goal is to get at least one of my Alliance alts (I primarily play Horde) up to 100 so that I can see the new content from the other side.  Other than that, I'll probably continue to level up my alts, I want to get Byx's archaeology skill up to max level, and a couple other little side 'projects'.  Top secret projects that aren't really top secret, I just don't have my notebook that I scribble things down on right in front of me, leave me alone! Some game sessions I try to Get Something Done, but other times I just log in and burn up rest xp on alts. 

Other than WoW, I spend my gaming time in Guild Wars 2, which there is always way too much to do in, mostly playing with dye.  I also lose the occasional day to Stardew Valley, like you do.

Tomorrow's post will be me summarizing the 'morning play session' of WoW.  Spoiler: it usually involves me logging on an alt that can't fly, summoning a flying mount via the random mount button, and plummeting to their death.  It's quite fun!

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