Tuesday, August 2, 2016

It's Blaugust Time!!

Please excuse me as I brush away four months of dust from my 'new and revamped' blog.

Blaugust is a fun tradition that my good friend Bel (who I 'stole' the header image from so oops enemies now ;) ) began about four hundred years ago in the dark ages.  We used to have to carve our thoughts into stone, but thankfully someone invented the internet along the way and it has made things a little easier.  This year's event is a more laid back than some, not out of lack of interest, mind you, but more in that Bel was himself tabulating and keeping track of all the posts, which is more than a full-time job itself.  

I will be attempting to post three days a week, in the past I have tried to do the daily posting thing and I usually do fine until the second week.  I like blogging first thing in the morning, but some mornings don't allow that, usually by the end of the day I need to veg out from the work day and oops suddenly it's September.  I digress. Let's talk about what I've been up to the last four months!

Nothing at all. I kid! I've gotten a promotion at work, which is going to be very very busy for the next month or so, Legion is coming out any day now (okay fine August 30), and I of course have my ever ongoing to-do list in game that I will never ever get done ever but that's okay! It gives me something to do when I log in.  

I'm forever messing about on alts, trying to relearn everyone's abilities and talents from the patch.  I'm working on various cross-stitch projects, some personal and some gifts.  When I revamped my blog, new name and site, I did so with the thought that I would be blogging about more than gaming.  I think part of the reason I stopped blogging was because I wasn't sure if people would really find my other interests as... interesting... as I do.   This blog is for me, I'm not trying to make money or garner a following, so I'll just have to keep trucking and push those silly thoughts aside and keep writing whatever I wish, dang it.

I'm looking forward to Blaugust this year, as I have every year, and am determined to meet my self-appointed goals! I'm excited to see what everyone else posts about, and also uh, updating that really lonely blog roll over there --->

I hope everyone has a great day, see you soon!  I leave you with my girl Byx, ready to leave her garrison and go punch demons in the face.


  1. Yay Byx returns.

    I think there are many people who started blogging about gaming but of course there is more to people than just game. Despite being how many of us know each other it's interesting to see what other topics people enjoy.

    Congrats on the promotion and good luck with Blaugust.